Edit image with instructions

Edit an image with text instructions
powered by Instruct-Pix2Pix AI (CreativeML Open RAIL-M)


Write a short instruction describing how to edit the image. (ex: "swap X by Y", "add X", "what would it look like if it were snowing?")

Init image

Upload the original image to be modified.
Max: 512x512px (auto-resized)
Drag and drop files here or click

Available in Power Mode


Number of images to generate
More options

Image guidance

Adjusts how much the AI tries to retain the content of the original image. Higher values encourages to generate images that are closely linked to the source image, usually at the expense of lower image quality.


Negative prompt

Describe what you DON'T want in the generated image


Adjusts how much the AI tries to fit the prompt (higher = stricter, lower = more freedom). The sweet spot is between 6-10, extreme values may produce more artifacts.


Available in Power Mode


Number of sampling steps. More steps = more details but also longer computation time.


Defines the sampling method used to generate the image.
DPM++ 2M Karras


Unique image seed number. If not provided, the image will be random.

Available in Power Mode


Upscale the image by this factor using the Real-ESRGAN model. Currently only a factor of 2 is supported.


The encoding format of the generated image.
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