Stable Diffusion XL

BluePencil XL (anime)
by blue_pen5805
DreamShaper XL (general)
by Lykon
Juggernaut XL (realistic)
by KandooAI
Stable Diffusion XL (general)
by stabilityai

Stable Diffusion 1/2

AbsoluteReality 1.0 (realistic)
by Lykon
AbsoluteReality 1.6 (realistic)
by Lykon
AbsoluteReality 1.8.1 (realistic)
by Lykon
AbsoluteReality 1.8.1 Inpaint (inpaint, general)
by Lykon
AbyssOrangeMix 2 (anime)
by WarriorMama777
Analog Diffusion (general)
by wavymulder
AnyLora (general)
by Lykon
Anything 3.0 (anime)
by Linaqruf
Anything 4.0 (anime)
by andite
Anything 5.0 (anime)
by 99999779
Basil Mix (general)
by nuigurumi
BloodOrangeMix (anime)
by WarriorMama777
CyberRealistic 1.3 (realistic)
by Cyberdelia
CyberRealistic 3.1 (realistic)
by Cyberdelia
DH ClassicAnime (anime)
by DucHaiten
Deliberate 1 (general)
by XpucT
Deliberate 2 (general)
by XpucT
Disco Diffusion Style
by sd-dreambooth-library
Double Exposure Diffusion
by joachimsallstrom
DreamShaper 2.52 (general)
by Lykon
DreamShaper 5 (general)
by Lykon
DreamShaper 6 (general)
by Lykon
DreamShaper 7 (general)
by Lykon
DreamShaper 8 (general)
by Lykon
DreamShaper 8 Inpaint (inpaint, general)
by Lykon
DucHaitenAnime (anime)
by DucHaiten
DucHaitenDarkside (general)
by DucHaiten
DucHaitenDreamWorld (anime)
by DucHaiten
Eimis Anime Diffusion (anime)
by eimiss
ElyOrangeMix (anime)
by WarriorMama777
Emoji Diffusion
by valhalla
Epîc Diffusion 1.0 (general)
by johnslegers
Epîc Diffusion 1.1 (general)
by johnslegers
Foto Assisted Diffusion (general)
by Dunkindont
Future Diffusion
by nitrosocke
HASDX (general)
by johnslegers
ICBINP (realistic)
by residentchiefnz
IconsMI App icons (icons)
by jvkape
Inkpunk Diffusion
by Envvi
Instruct-Pix2Pix (general)
by timbrooks
KidsMix (drawing)
by disti001
Lowpoly World
by MirageML
NightmareShaper (general)
by Yamer
OpenJourney (general)
by prompthero
OpenJourney v2 (general)
by prompthero
OpenNiji (anime)
by Korakoe
Paint Journey 2 (painting)
by FredZhang7
by ShadoWxShinigamI
Pastel Mix (anime)
by andite
Portrait Plus (portrait)
by wavymulder
Realistic Vision 1.3 (realistic)
by SG161222
Redshift Diffusion (3d_render)
by nitrosocke
Redshift Diffusion (768px) (3d_render)
by nitrosocke
Something 2 (anime)
by NoCrypt
Stable Diffusion 1.4 (general)
by CompVis
Stable Diffusion 1.5 (general)
by runwayml
Stable Diffusion 2.0 (512px) (general)
by stabilityai
Stable Diffusion 2.0 (768px) (general)
by stabilityai
Stable Diffusion 2.1 (512px) (general)
by stabilityai
Stable Diffusion 2.1 (768px) (general)
by stabilityai
Stable Diffusion FluidArt
by Fictiverse
Stable Diffusion Inpaint 1 (inpaint, general)
by runwayml
Stable Diffusion Inpaint 2 (inpaint, general)
by stabilityai
Stable Diffusion PaperCut
by Fictiverse
Stable Diffusion VoxelArt
by Fictiverse
Steampunk Diffusion
by AIArtsChannel
Synthwavepunk v2 (cyberpunk)
by ItsJayQz
T-shirt Diffusion
by Magifactory
Texture Diffusion
by dream-textures
Trinart 2.0 (anime)
by naclbit
Vectorartz Diffusion
by coder119
Vintedois Diffusion (simple, general)
by 22h
Vox 2
by plasmo
Waifu Diffusion 1.3 (anime)
by hakurei
Waifu Diffusion 1.4 (anime)
by hakurei
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